In his Life persona.

Born with the creation of the multiverse, Akhilles was one of the eldest of the Primordials, or the Dawn Titans. He was both shunned and sought out because he represented the balance between life and death. In his Life persona, Akhilles displayed remarkable healing abilities, even to the point of resurrection. In his Death persona, however, Akhilles truly became feared. He could kill with a concentrated glare, and he could single-handedly decimate an army with his scythe.


Akhilles was nearly six and a half feet tall and leanly muscled. His skin was dark grey, his hair was long and silver, and his eyes glowed amber. "Exile" was magically tattooed in black Primordial script on each wrist, and a spiked chain marking was seared into his arms and back. In his Death persona, Akhilles nearly doubles in height and weight, his musculature grows, and his face becomes more gaunt and skeletal. His canines lengthen and his eyes become pure black.


In his Life persona, Akhilles wore a silver drider silk shirt enchanted with extreme hardness. Over that, he wore a black leather breastplate with mithral plates protecting the pectorals, abdomen, and back. His primary weapons were Talon, his longsword, and Shadow's Requiem. Over it all, he wore a long-sleeved, black umber hulk leather coat. In his Death persona, his clothing is replaced by enchanted black half-plate mail and his weapons by Reaper, his massive scythe.